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Welcome to the Video Trade Alert Service

If your budget cannot stretch to VSA SMART Center Pro, then this is definitely the very next best thing! We now scan continuously for trading alerts generated by the SMART Center Pro system. When we see one, we then create a short video explaining how the trade is set up - what to look for, suggested entry points - everything you need to go and take the trade. All delivered by email.

Please view this recent example which shows the service in action

Our suite of VSA SMART Center Pro trading systems identify a trading opportunity in a 15 minute upwards time-frame.

One of our Trading Team will immediately assess it. When it meets our proprietary trading criteria we will immediately produce a short video describing the future trade setup, when to go in, what watch out for

A link to the video is sent immediately via email to all subscribers

You can then view the video on PC, Tablet or SmartPhone

You can then take the trade using the information you have been given from the alert video, together with the TradingTheMarklets trade management guide which gives you helpful guidance on managing and closing the trade once you are in

The service will provide a minimum of 25 trades each month. We expect most months will have in excess of 40 trade alerts each month.

Each alert is selected for if high levels of probability and low levels of risk.

We will be analysing Stocks, Futures, FOREX and Crypto Currencies


We also archive all the alerts so you can go back and use them for educational purposes. All the weekly briefing sessions are also archived in the Library so you can go and view the session if you missed it.

Automated Trade alerts

In addition to the video trade alerts delivered by email you can log into the site and access our automated trade alert service. Here is an example of a long trade:

AUDJPY Risk / Reward ratio 1.2895 Potential Long Alert
11/2/2018 3:15:02 PM US EST
Instrument name Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen Time Frame M-1 Alert type 1
Open Price 87.975 Stop Loss 87.937 Take Profit 88.024

Expected profit in ticks: 49

Potential Long Alert
Risk / Reward ratio 1.2895
11/2/2017 3:15:02 PM US EST
Instrument name Australian Dollar vs Japanese Yen
Timeframe M-1
Alert type 1
Opening Price 87.975
Stop Loss 87.937
Take Profit 88.024

Automated trade alerts are delivered via the desktop, laptop, tablet or smart-phone and cover Futures, FOREX and Crypto markets

The trading and investment methodology is centrally based around the time proven strategies of the Wyckoff method and Volume Spread Analysis methodology originally developed by Tom Williams. In addition we use the following confirmation tools:

Gavin Holmes trigger bars
Fibonacci retracement levels
Pivot points
Point & Figure charting profit projections
Trend alignment in multiple time-frames
The latest Volume Spread Analysis signals
The Wyckoff / VSA Bull Bear thermometer
Key turning point analysis

New strategies will be announced as they are developed. The alert service will provide the following key features:

Futures and FOREX markets traded in multiple time-frames
Suggested entry price
An average of 200 alerts each month
Suggested profit target
Generated by automated systems not commercially available
Suggested stop loss
Methodology involves VSA, advanced scanning and trending tools
Risk reward ratio
Service can appear as an Icon on the homepage on mobile devices

Weekly Briefing Sessions

Weekly Briefing Sessions

Every Monday at 9am New York time (2pm UK time Midnight Sydney time) The TradingThe Markets team host a live online video briefing session where they use the Tradeguider VSA SMART Center Pro trading system to detect major moves in Futures, FOREX, Cryptos and Stock for the coming week. This 30 minute presentation is available live or to access subsequently in the archive. The enlightened way to begin your trading week.

During these sessions you will discover:

How VSA identifies major areas of accumulation and distribution.
How we detect unusual high volume activity and what this means going forwards
How we combine high time-frames with low time-frames for optimal entries and exits.
How and why we scan multiple markets at the same time
How and why we are able to predict market movements

Once a briefing has been presented it is archived and made available to all subscribers

Online Traders Lounge

The traders lounge is a fully hosted chat room which is monitored and hosted by Tradeguider's Chief Technology Officer Grigory Margolin.He is regularly joined by other members of the TradingTheMarkets team. They are there to help you with your trading and answer questions. You can post charts, videos and links.

The Traders Lounge is the number one online venue to meet other like minded traders and investors. The emphasis is on building an online Wyckoff / VSA trading and investing community where traders can discuss trading business, ask questions, share ideas and trading tips and make the trading business more collaborative and less solitary and insular.

The Room provides some great benefits:

Chat with like-minded traders
The largest online VSA Community globally
Ask questions and get answers
24 / 7 service
Receive hints and tips from other traders
Completely secure
Post charts
Receive regular trading opportunities

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The service will provide a minimum of 25 trades each month. We expect most months to have in excess of 40 video trade alerts.

Each alert is selected for it's high level of probability and low level of risk.

We will be analysing Stocks, Futures, FOREX and Crypto Currencies

The service will include live access to the weekly briefings

The service includes access to the TradingTheMarkets library

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